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Guide to buying property in Scotland

Find a property

Finding a property is a difficult task, we have a policy of uploading as much information about our properties as possible, this allows you to make an informed decision before viewing. Our Estate Agency Network consultants are local to all of the properties on this Site, they have all lived in these areas for many years and are best placed to talk to you, and advise you on each property. To allow you to do this, each Estate Agents’ mobile number is on this Site, within the details of every property which they are selling. This allows you to call them directly and discuss local issues, Schools, Shopping, Rural Issues, Employment in that area or any other matter you need clarified.

Arrange a mortgage

The vast majority of purchasers require a mortgage to assist them in the purchase of their new home. We have been in the property business for over 20 years, and have gathered together a group of professional mortgage advisers who are local to each property and who have a track record of producing results, keeping clients in the loop, and being cost effective. We have worked with these Mortgage Advisers for many years and trust them to deliver the required offer of loan at the correct rate, and the correct time, to allow settlement of the transaction. If you would like an introduction to a local mortgage adviser, just let your Estate Agent know, it is free of charge and is part of our service.

Place a note of interest

In Scotland when you locate a suitable property, you should have your Solicitor “note interest” with the seller's Solicitor on your behalf. This allows discussions to commence regarding the terms of a suitable offer, and also will have you invited to tender an offer if a closing date is set.

Find a solicitor

Our recommended solicitors would love to represent all of their clients, unfortunately, due to conflict of interest rules set out by the Law Society of Scotland, they can only represent either the seller or the purchaser. As a result we have gathered together like minded Solicitors in local areas throughout Scotland who can act for our clients on both sides of the transactions. These Solicitors are tried and tested and we can vouch for their abilities to deliver customer service, local knowledge and advice, and all in a cost effective package. Our recommended Solicitors will only charge if you purchase a property, there is never a charge for making an Offer. If you would like an introduction to a local Solicitor who can assist you, please mention this to your Estate Agent, it is free of charge and is part of our service.

Place an offer

Knowing how to negotiate and place a successful Offer for a property requires knowledge and good lines of communication with the Seller and their Solicitors. We have been buying property for clients for many many years and have all the necessary skills to maximise the success of your Offer. Speak to your Estate Agent for an introduction to one of our approved Solicitors.